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3 Artists Who Create Art Using Scrap Metal Recycling Pieces

Reduce; reuse; recycle; the phrase we are told over and over again to help save the planet and lessen the impact we have on our surrounding environment. However, there are talented artists around the globe who instead choose to reuse scrap metal recycling pieces in a wonderful way – by creating beautiful installations and spectacles in the most unlikely of places. Craddock Metal Recycling Limited have listed three amazing artists below who are renowned for their stunning art creations delicately crafted from scrap metal recycling pieces.

Miguel Rivera

an image of a Miguel Rivera creation, a great example of scrap metal art

(image credit:

Miguel Rivera creates small yet intricate structures from broken computer pieces, a talent he discovered when searching for a hobby whilst working as a systems administrator in the US Air Force. Instead of throwing out broken metal pieces and floppy disks, Rivera instead builds wonderful little arrangements which take the form of motorbikes, robots, and more. Rivera’s minute creations are a great example of how just because something looks broken, doesn’t mean it can’t be reused in another form.

Karen Cusolito

an image of scrap metal art by Karen Cusolito

(image credit:

Karen Cusolito works with a variety of art forms, but her striking metal structures are perhaps her most famous pieces of work. Her work has an intensive focus on both humanity and the environment, and the delicate, teetering relationship between the two. This exploration is likely the inspiration for the above piece, titled ‘Ecstasy,’ wherein a woman is depicted experiencing the titular emotion. The sophisticated weaving of the scrap metal recycling pieces is truly astonishing, deftly seeking the balance between the human form and the way it affects the environment around it. The result is a compelling yet eerie art installation, comprised of approximately 9 tonnes of salvaged steel.

David Hind

an image of a David Hind scrap metal art sculpture

(image credit:

David Hind has spent the past twenty years rummaging through scrap yards to salvage pieces of metal for his art installations. As a self-proclaimed ‘thing-maker’, Hind has used scrap metal recycling pieces to craft sensational structures, such as ‘Meg’s Pause’, pictured above. He now works with students, teaching them to use recycling aluminium to create meaningful pieces, whilst collaborating with his surrounding community to discover new and innovative ways to use scrap metal recycling pieces.

Craddock Metal Recycling Limited can provide a vast array of scrap metal recycling services, including car scrapping and metal collection services. If you’re an artist interested in using our scrap metal recycling pieces, or would simply like to utilise our services elsewhere, do not hesitate to contact the team today by calling 01527 66866. With a fully operational, on-site weighbridge primed to produce an instant receipt, you can rest easy knowing that your scrap metal is going to a safe and reliable dealer.