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A Brief History of Metals

Metals have been of imperative importance to our society since ancient times. It’s impossible to tell exactly when humans began experimenting with metal, with many suggesting that early metalworking could have occurred as far back as 11,000 BC.

Without the ongoing experimentation and refinement of metalworking, we’d never have come as far as we have today. Let’s take a look at the defining periods in the history of metals.

2000BC – Beginning of the Bronze Age

The bronze age was the beginning of our journey with metal. It marks the first time that metalworking was widespread, and bronze often replaced objects that would have otherwise been made of stone or wood. Warfare in particular was changed forever, as militarized societies could produce masses of strong, durable weapons.

1200AD – Beginning of the Iron Age

There were many developments in metalwork before this time, however the iron age marks a significant step forward. Much sturdier than any previous materials, iron revolutionised several industries including farming, transporter and, again, warfare. By this point in time, bronze shortages were becoming an issue, and iron solved the problem forever.

The creation of iron was an important stepping stone towards the development of steel.

1740AD- Invention of Cast Steel

Cast iron had been used for centuries by the time Benjamin Huntsman developed cast steel. Casted metals offer significantly more strength than their regular counterparts, and cast steel has remarkable strength.

The breakthrough made it possible for much more powerful machinery to be created (causing a boost in production for many industries) and made it possible to construct new pieces of impressive architecture.

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