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A Guide to Scrapping Your Car

So, the time has come where your car’s repair costs are worth more than the car itself – but what next? Scrapping your car might seem like the next logical step, but there are a number of legal requirements and conditions that you will need be aware of before you begin the process. Here at Craddock Metal Recycling, we are always available to contact should you have any pressing questions, however, we have detailed a short guide to scrapping your car to help aid your decision on the matter.

The Importance of Your Dealer
First, you must ensure that you choose a dealer that is reputable and legally authorised to scrap cars. You can get into a lot of trouble if you do not use a legitimate car scrapping dealer, so it is integral that you research your options thoroughly.

Once you’ve chosen your dealer and they’ve had the chance to agree to scrapping your car, you should receive a Certificate of Destruction, also known as a COD within 7 days of the agreement. A COD is an official DVLA (Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency) document issued by your CarTakeBack or AFT dealer. The COD is proof that you have disposed of your vehicle correctly and are no longer responsible for it. You will also need to obtain and complete a V5C form, which is essentially your car’s logbook that will hold information regarding its initial registration, the manufacturer, engine size, and so on. Once this has been filled out, you will need to send it to the DVLA, who will send you a receipt upon its arrival. If you do not inform the DVLA that you have chosen to scrap your car, you could be hit with a sizeable fine of £1,000.

Since the law change of December 2012, cash cannot be exchanged during a scrap metal deal. Instead, you must make sure that you can provide your dealer with correct bank account details, an up-to-date ID, and a proof of address. Your dealer will now be able to complete the scrapping process.

As one of the longest serving scrap metal dealers in the area of Birmingham, Craddock Metal Recycling Limited have immeasurable experience in scrapping cars. We can offer expert guidance on a number of car-related questions, and shed light on the entire process so that you are fully informed. To enquire further into our car scrapping services, do not hesitate to get in contact today at 01527 668 66.