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an image of the WEEE symbol

What is the WEEE Directive?

The WEEE stands for waste electrical and electronic equipment, and the WEEE Directive is a law designed to address the environmental impacts of waste products. Electrical and electronic equipment covers almost everything with a plug or a battery and is a European Community directive. The directive was introduced into European law in February 2003 and […]

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an image of a construction site

How to Reduce Waste on Construction Sites

Being more sustainable and reducing waste on construction sites is becoming more popular as we look to save money, materials, and the planet. There are many ways that construction sites can optimise their processes to cater to this, including better planning, using sustainable materials, and reducing waste. Here at Craddock Metal Recycling Limited, we are […]

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an image of a pile of metal to be recycled

Why Should We Recycle Metal?

Most of us encounter recycling and its benefits every week with our household recycling, but metal recycling is less commonplace and the reasons why we should do it are less obvious. The benefits of recycling metal run parallel alongside the benefits of general recycling, so Craddock Metal Recycling Limited run you through it in our […]

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an image of the market for scrap metal value

What Determines Scrap Metal Value?

The value of any commodity is liable to fluctuations and this is no different to scrap metal value, which is not to be confused with metal price. There is a range of factors that conspire to influence the price of scrap metal, one of which being metal price itself, but it can be a confusing minefield to […]

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an image of an array of type pieces made from lead.

A Guide to Lead Recycling

Lead is one of the materials with the best recycling rate, although it isn’t everyone’s first thought when they think about metal recycling – usually, it’s copper, or aluminium, or steel. As a matter of fact, recycled lead is essentially the same quality as primary lead and it’s used for around 50% of the production […]

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an image of a crane lifting a scrap car

Reason to Scrap Your Car

Cars are something a large majority of us rely on and, sometimes, it’s just better to accept that your vehicle is destined for the scrap heap. In many cases, a car can last for years and years – providing the maintenance and TLC is kept on top of – however, there comes a point in […]

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