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A row of scarpped cars piled up on top of each other

How to Scrap Your Car

Once you have decided that scrapping is the only option for your vehicle, it is a simple process of booking an appointment with a DVLA approved dealer, handing over the keys and collecting your cash. This process usually comes after an unfortunate accident or bump, or if your pride and joy has reached the end […]

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Cracking Common Car Scrapping Myths

For whatever reason, any car owner with a battered and bruised vehicle will exhaust every other option before turning to a scrap dealer to take care of their motor for them. A number of preconceived conceptions surround the prospects of scrap yards and scrap dealers, but what is the reality? In their latest blog, Craddock […]

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The Most Common Recycling Mistakes

Recycling has become a part of our daily routine, and with the country becoming increasingly environmentally aware, recycling looks as though it is here to stay. Despite being practised by the majority of households since 2007, many homeowners continue to make simple mistakes which result in recyclable products being contaminated and sent to landfill. This […]

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