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Cracking Common Car Scrapping Myths

For whatever reason, any car owner with a battered and bruised vehicle will exhaust every other option before turning to a scrap dealer to take care of their motor for them. A number of preconceived conceptions surround the prospects of scrap yards and scrap dealers, but what is the reality? In their latest blog, Craddock Metal Recycling attempt to bust some of the most common car scrapping myths and explain why car scrapping is a viable option of dealing with your derelict vehicle.

“The process is too long”

The simple fact of the matter is that the process of scrapping your car has never been simpler. Once your vehicle has been reviewed by one of the dealers and all the relevant paperwork has been signed, there is nothing left for you to do other than collecting your certificate of destruction. If your vehicle is truly in a state of despair and you are unsure if you can bring the car to us, no need to worry; a member of our team will be able to retrieve the vehicle and bring it to the scrapyard for you.

“Car Scrapping is bad for the environment”

By adhering to the latest regulations for waste management, most car scrapping organisations are able to significantly reduce their impact on the environment. Individually, Craddock Metal Recycling aim to recycle as much of every vehicle as possible, whilst salvaging any parts of the car which can be reused and destroying cars in the most eco-friendly way possible.

“Selling the car is easier”

Obviously, if the car is still fully functioning and has a few good years left in her then selling the car is probably the easier process and can also make you a healthy profit. However, if the car is battered and bruised and has been rendered unsafe to drive, then using a car scrapping service is the safest and friendliest way of getting rid of the car.

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