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How Does Metal Recycling Benefit the Planet

The recycling of materials and products has been one of the most significant contributing factors in the planet’s struggle against global warming. Metal recycling has been at the centre of this struggle, too. Although the majority of the population are committed to recycling and helping the environment, do we really know where our efforts are getting us? In their latest blog post, Craddock Metal Recycling Limited outline how metal recycling benefits the planet.

1. Chemical Pollution

Metal recycling helps cut down the amount of transport that is used for importing materials into the UK. Through the recycling of metals, the materials are sourced within the country, significantly cutting down on air miles and other transporting methods.

2. Less Energy

As well as transportation costs, metal recycling is also a more efficient way of reducing metals into their natural form. Smelting ores use much more energy than melting scrap metal, and that is why bringing unwanted metal to your local recycling centre will help combat the effects of global warming.

3. Manufacturing

A lot of common metals can be recycled and reused into everyday products. Recycling materials such as aluminium can help reduce the need for sourcing new metals, and these materials can then be used to produce tin cans and other menial products such as these. Metals such as these also melt at a lower temperature, meaning the effect from manufacturing these products is also a lot less damaging.

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