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an image of a crane lifting a scrap car

Reason to Scrap Your Car

Cars are something a large majority of us rely on and, sometimes, it’s just better to accept that your vehicle is destined for the scrap heap. In many cases, a car can last for years and years – providing the maintenance and TLC is kept on top of – however, there comes a point in […]

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an image of metal recycled from different products

Common Uses for Recyclable Metals

Not all metals are recycled as widely as others, but there are a certain amount that almost every metal recycling facility will accept. For these metals, you might be interested where you can find them and what life they might take on after they have been recycled. Craddock Metal Recycling Limited use our industry experience […]

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an image of a heap of recycled iron

What Metals Can Be Recycled?

Metal recycling is a huge industry and, sometimes, people can become confused as to which are eligible for recycling and which aren’t. The truth of the matter is that almost all metals can be recycled – ferrous and non-ferrous. The discrepancies tend to appear when materials that we classify as hazardous and/or radioactive – things […]

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an image of scrap cars stacked up

How a Scrap Car is Processed

You may or may not have experience with scrapping your car, but either way, an insight into the process can be interesting and also useful to know if you do ever decide to recycle your vehicle. There are also more steps to the process than many people think, which definitely go beyond the common conceptions […]

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an image of scrap metal being sorted by a large crane, which is an important aspect of the metal recycling process

The Metal Recycling Process

There are many steps in the process of reusing metals that have come to the end of their original lifecycle, and having an understanding of this cycle and the positive implications that come as a consequence can help to persuade you to recycle your metal. Here at Craddock Metal Recycling, we are one of the […]

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