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Metal Recycling and the Value of Different Metals

For the majority of people, scrap metal recycling is reserved for cars that are past their prime. However, what many fail to consider is that any junk pieces of metal you may have laying around actually have a value. Copper wiring from an old refrigerator or spare nuts and bolts can combine to create a healthy sum, and although you cannot swap scrap for cash, just what materials are the most sought after? In their latest blog post, Craddock Metal Recycling Limited explains which spare parts consist of the most valuable properties

Weigh In

First things first, it is important to understand how your metal correlates with value. For the most part, scrap yards use the weight of your load to determine how much they are going to be worth. Therefore, do not automatically assume that a box of small nuts and bolts won’t fetch for much; a large collection of odd bits and bobs can often have the biggest value.

Know Your Metal

Typically, non-ferrous metals offer the biggest return, due to their low weight, higher conductivity and their non-magnetic qualities. Metals such as copper, aluminium, brass and steel are the most sought-after materials, and these can be found in regular, everyday items. Ferrous metals, such as cast iron and stainless steel, may be less valuable than non-ferrous materials, but they are still accepted by your local scrap dealership.

When Should you Recycle Your Car?

As mentioned previously, most people may only associate scrap dealers for car scrapping and for crushing cars that have seen better days. Although this may be the case in some instances, it is important to understand the worth of your car when you take it to a scrap dealer. You should only consider getting your car scrapped if it rendered and completely worthless and unsafe to drive. If there are any other options available, these will usually offer greater returns than scrapping your car. With that being said, if your car has been written off and is completely worthless, then taking it to a scrap dealership will salvage you some pennies from your former pride and joy.

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