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Metal Sculptures in Warwickshire

Warwickshire is widely recognised as one of the historic and cultural hubs of England, with Warwick Castle and the birthplace of William Shakespeare to boast. There is, then, a wide range of public sculpture available for the attention of tourists and locals alike, many of these with historic significance and many that are more recent additions.

Here at Craddock Metal Recycling Limited, we have a wealth of experience with scrap metal, so saw it befitting to discuss some of the key metal sculptures in Warwickshire in our latest blog post below.

Let’s Not Be Stupid – Richard Deacon

an image of Let's Not Be Stupid by Richard Deacon

Completed in 1991, after taking five years to fabricate, Let’s Not Be Stupid was one of Richard Deacon’s first, large-scale sculptures for public display. After an exhibition at Mead Gallery, Warwickshire, in 1987, Deacon began to gain traction with a Turner Prize and was commissioned for this piece in the grounds of Warwick University.

The sculpture, made from stainless steel and painted mild steel, is designed to be ambiguous and animated as it seems to change shape depending on your viewing angle.

White Koan – Lilian Lijn

an image of White Koan by Lillian Lijn

White Koan is made from painted steel and incorporates neon lights into the rotating ellipses, which illuminate at night to turn the piece into a social spectacle. There is an intentional play on words for the name, Koan, which refers to a Zen Buddhist concept that is a question without an answer and sounds like cone, the shape of the sculpture.

Steel Open-Work Screen – Bruce Mclean

Consisting of four, stylised faces, Steel Open-Work Screen by Bruce Mclean depicts four characters appearing to have been ‘sketched in steel’ with a perceived ‘animation’ thanks to zig-zags and gesturing lines. The piece was finished in 1998 in painted steel and now resides in the Warwick Arts Centre’s restaurant.

LAND – Antony Gormley

an image of LAND by Antony Gormley

An honourable mention, since it no longer lives in Warwickshire, is the LAND installation by Sir Antony Gormley. This was a polyhedral and contemplative figure located next to Lowsonford Lock along the Stratford-upon-Avon canal.

It came as part of five pieces scattered across the country that represented the points of a compass with this specific sculpture, made from cast iron, representing the centre of the compass – at the centre of the country in Warwickshire. It can, however, only be seen as an honourable mention as it was for one-year-only between 2015 and 2016

Plenty of Public Art

Warwickshire has plenty of sculpture available for public viewing, with these being some of the most prominent modern examples – generally located in the grounds of Warwick University. Naturally, many of the older examples are less abstract and were erected to represent specific moments or characters from the locality’s past and are status cast from bronze, concrete, and marble.

Craddock Metal Recycling Limited

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