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Image of a person filling in paperwork using a calculator. The paperwork is to make sure a scrap metal transaction is legal, complying with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act.

Scrap Metal Dealers Act: Know The Law

The changes to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act were implemented in 2013, but there is still evidence of illegality in scrap metal dealing across the UK. You may not even realise your deal is not legal. Craddock Metal Recycling want to make sure you’re on the right side of the law. Here are the laws that apply to you, so you can be certain there will be no issues with your scrap metal deal, and that you have all the necessary evidence.

Cash For Scrap Metal.

Paying for scrap metal with cash is illegal. The Scrap Metal Dealers Act renders any transaction that cannot be traced as an incomplete transaction in the eyes of the law. This means you need to have evidence of both the money and the scrap metal changing hands. Without this proof, your scrap metal could easily be stolen goods and therefore would not be considered a legal transaction.

Dealers must pay for scrap metal with either:

    A cheque that is non-transferable
    An electronic transfer of funds that can be traced (credit or debit)

Paperwork You Need For Scrap Metal Transactions.

What you will need to provide

    Valid proof of ID (valid passport or photocard driving license)
    Proof of address with the correct name and address contact details (to use for records that are filed for legal transactions) – this could be a bank statement or utility bill
    V5C Document – to prove you are registered keeper if you are scrapping a car.

What the scrap metal dealer will need to provide

    Complete record of the transaction (namely the weight and value of the metal purchased, your details, and full evidence of the money transfer – a cheque or a bank transfer trail)
    Any official records and proof that can be added (Craddock Metal Recycling uses a weighbridge that prints out the exact weight of the scrap metal on an electronically printed waste transfer note, calibrated to EC regulations.)
    A Certificate of Conformity, complying to EU waste regulations.

Choose a licensed scrap metal dealer to comply with the law.

To avoid worrying about whether your scrap metal transaction is complete and legal, choose a dealer that is licensed, experienced and above all, asks for the above identification and information from you. These laws affect scrap metal dealers, and so they should be demanding an official transaction from you. Your details may be stored but it is not for the benefit or future use of the dealer, it is purely for proof of transaction.

Craddock Metal Recycling Ltd has been buying and recycling scrap metal for decades, and are fully compliant with scrap metal laws. If you are in the West Midlands, give us a call on 01527 66866 with your query or take a look at our contact details including a contact form.