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A picture of a clump of copper, a metal with a high scrap value

Scrappy Doo and Scrappy Don’t: Which Metals Have The Biggest Scrap Value?

If your home is littered with redundant appliances and just general clutter, resist the temptation of discarding them in a bog-standard dumpsite and consider their scrap value.

Learning about the most valuable metals is a quick and easy way to turn a profit, so before you go binning that old toaster, take the time to find out how much it is worth.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to the scrap value of metals is that non-ferrous metals go for more than their magnetic counterparts. The likes of copper, brass and aluminium are the most sought-after materials on a scrap yard, and these can be found in the most obscure places.

Let’s go back to your worn-out toaster that we just spoke about. This may look like a worthless heap of junk, but make sure you hold on to the copper wiring on the inside. As your copper count increases, you will be able to scrap your collection in for a decent fee.

The quickest way of making a profit from scrapping your belongings is to educate yourself about the types of metals and where they can be found. Aluminium is quite easy to come by, but knowing where to spot brass and copper will help you turn your metal into pennies.

As previously mentioned, ferrous metals have a relatively low scrap value, so to make a worthwhile profit you will need a significant amount of steel or iron.

It is fairly ironic how the littlest parts rake in the biggest cheques, but large household appliances like fridges and ovens are an exception to that pattern. The same can be said for cars and their parts; this is undoubtedly the most common form of scrapping.

The scrap value of cars is far more significant than any household appliance, so if you have an old, worn down motor that isn’t much use, scrap it in and put the profit towards your dream car.

Now that you understand the scrap value of metals of all shapes and sizes, bear this in mind the next time your toaster goes bang. And if your car has breathed its last breath, bring it down to your local Craddock Metal Recycling site and swap your motor for some moolah.