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an image of large amounts of copper scrap in a metal recycling plant

The Benefits of Copper Recycling

an image of large amounts of copper scrap in a metal recycling plant

Copper is the longest used metal in the history of human civilisation, with it being estimated that we have used it for over 10,000 years. Copper recycling, therefore, is a huge industry with as much as half of all copper coming from recycled materials as copper ore.

Here at Craddock Metal Recycling, we have been in the scrap metal recycling industry for over 75 years, specialising in the processing of a range of different materials, including copper. We help guide you through the benefits of copper recycling in our latest blog post.

An Almost Infinite Recycling Life

As aforementioned, copper is a material that has been used by humans for millennia. This becomes more interesting when you consider the fact that almost all copper that has ever been mined is still in use today. Copper is one of the most recycled materials in the world, with an almost infinite recycling life.


Recycling copper – as is true with any other metal – plays a part in reducing the impacts the industry for this metal has on the environment. In the specific case of copper, however, here are the reductions that are made possible by copper recycling:

The landfill required for product containing copper is reduced, and therefore we are wasting less valuable materials and space. There is also research to suggest ways that copper can replace the use of glass and plastic, which are both two large contributors to the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

The amount of energy needed to prepare copper for manufacturing is also vastly reduced when recycled as the process to recycle copper is greatly more energy efficient than extracting copper from the ore.

Processing mined copper ore into copper also releases harmful toxins into the environment, which copper recycling doesn’t, so the harmful substances released are also reduced.


Copper recycling helps to make the most of the resources we currently have – of which, copper is in finite supply – and therefore the most sensicle option is to recycle rather than mine new ore to process. It’s estimated that we have only mined around 10-12% of the known copper ore, though.


Metal recycling is an industry that can benefit more local economies than mining fresh ore can. The recycling of metal is something that is universally applicable in almost every location, which means companies can set up shop just about anywhere and make their business from processing scrap metal. Copper recycling, therefore, also helps to boost local economies by providing another business opportunity for local entrepreneurs.

Highly Valuable

In essence, the copper recycling process provides many of the benefits that recycling other metals offer, except with a few additional details that make it just that bit more advantageous. What’s more, recycled copper holds about 90% of the value of ‘new copper’.

Craddock Metal Recycling

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