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The Many Advantages of Metal Recycling

Scrap metal recycling is not nearly given enough attention when it comes to all matters of recycling in the United Kingdom. Each year, we utilise and eventually throw out millions upon millions of tons of metal, most of which is buried in a landfill and left to accumulate, ultimately damaging the Earth in a multitude of ways. From small drink cans to large discarded vehicles, you may not realise that a lack of properly executed metal recycling is affecting our planet in such a harmful way.

Below, Craddock Metal Recycling have listed three crucial ways in which an increase of metal recycling in the UK could help to improve, including economical and environmental factors.

Reducing annual emissions
The production of new metal releases a great amount of greenhouses gases into our already polluted atmosphere. The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (or ISRI for short) work tirelessly to promote the importance of scrap metal recycling, a recent report stating that recycling metals could potentially cut greenhouse gas emissions by 300 million to 500 million tons. This figure is astounding, and wholly achievable if more people were to consider metal recycling when sorting through their rubbish.

Reducing consumption of natural resources
By encouraging metal recycling, you are helping to effectively lower the rate at which the metal production industry utilise natural resources to create materials which are used regularly to build and buy. Instead, the natural resources can be conserved, or used to power vital appliances, such as powering the home or your vehicle.

The many economic benefits of metal recycling
The government benefit greatly when it comes to metal recycling, the diversion of the money able to go towards other aspects of the country which need financing more urgently. According to the National Institute of Health, metal recycling creates 36 times more jobs than simply incinerating the materials would. As an environmentally friendly job, metal recycling requires the employment of a large range of tradesmen and firms that can supply the appropriate machinery to the recycling centres across the country.

If more people understood the benefits of metal recycling and thus decided to use approved recycling centres to discard of their metal items, it could wholly help towards lowering the environmental impact and improving the economy. Craddock Metal Recycling are able to accept a diverse scope of metal materials from customers far and wide, helping to contribute towards the decline in metal recycling around the world. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team today about what you can and can’t recycle at our weighbridge facility, do not hesitate to contact 01527 668 66 today.