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The Many Uses of Scrap Metal

Here at Craddock Metal Recycling Limited, our knowledgeable and experienced team can tell you first hand exactly how versatile and invaluable scrap metal can be to an extensive range of industries and communities. Recycling metal is not a new concept by any means- as one of the most widely recycling materials on the planet, scrap metals such as brass, copper, aluminum, and iron can be reused an infinite amount of times to create all new products and structures.

Below, we have compiled three ways in which scrap metal could be used effectively within your work or life.

Using scrap metal within your vehicle
Typically, a car is made from approximately 60% of metal materials, and 25% of that is recycled elements. The metal is used to form the doors, hood, trunk, panels, and the overall shell of the car, making it an integral component to the design and construction of the vehicle. Using scrap metal to replace broken car parts is an effective way of reducing the overall volume of recycled cars across the world, currently at around 18 million tons of steel per year. If you are looking to scrap your car, ensure that you remove the most valuable pieces from the car, ready to be utilised elsewhere.

Using scrap metal for art
With a little patience and skill, creating art from scrap metal can absolutely be achieved, offering a striking look to suit an extensive range of artistic styles. From a life-size metal bull to the tiniest ladybird sculpture, the metal to make the art can be sourced from many origins, including car and bike parts, broken electronics, and pipes. For more scrap metal art inspiration, take a look at, who provide a collection of metal structures from around the world.

Using scrap metal for interior design
Home furnishings crafted from scrap metal can look stunning in any interior. Your imagination is your only limit – recycled metal can be used to forge benches, light stands, picture frames, tables, and much, much more. Give you home interior a rustic, industrial look with the inclusion of metal furnishings.

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