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The Most Common Recycling Mistakes

Recycling has become a part of our daily routine, and with the country becoming increasingly environmentally aware, recycling looks as though it is here to stay. Despite being practised by the majority of households since 2007, many homeowners continue to make simple mistakes which result in recyclable products being contaminated and sent to landfill. This list of the most common recycling mistakes, brought to you by Craddock Metal Recycling, will help you pick up on any bad habits and will allow you to make more of a difference to the health of the environment.

Flattening Materials

Many homeowners often complain about the size of their recycling boxes and how they cannot fit all of their recyclable materials into their containers. However, this is one of the most common recycling mistakes made. Flattening down and squashing any cardboard materials down will help save space in your containers, allowing you to recycle more materials and removing the urge to just throw cardboard into the general waste bin.


Common recycling mistakes mainly revolve around recycling the wrong items. At the top of the list of products which should never be recycled are batteries. Batteries contain many harmful chemicals and can contaminate the recyclable products they are put in with. Familiarise yourself with the correct procedures for recycling either alkaline batteries or zinc batteries to avoid making another common recycling mistake.

Recycling Plastic Bags

Although most homeowners use plastic bags to package their waste, these bags should be confined to the general waste bin. If you place any recyclable materials into a plastic bag, these products will simply end up in landfill sites, so keep any recyclable materials out of the bags.

Do Your Homework

If you are unsure about any of these recycling practices, make sure you research your materials and follow the correct procedure for recycling to avoid making any of these common recycling mistakes. If you are looking to recycle any metal, contact Craddock Metal Recycling to find out more about the correct procedures for recycling metal. Contact us today by calling us on 01527 66866 or visit our yard in Redditch.