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Image of a large landfill waste site, set against a backdrop of beautiful trees. Commercial waste contributes to a fifth of landfill waste in the UK and has a significant negative environmental impact.

Waste Management: What is Commercial Waste?

Commercial waste is produced primarily from businesses and trades, excluding both domestic waste and industrial waste, which have different responsibilities for safe disposal. With businesses accounting for up to a fifth of landfill waste in the UK, commercial waste is a big and costly problem. If you are concerned about the level of commercial waste your business produces and more importantly, how you are disposing of it, Craddock Metal Recycling’s waste management series will show you how to responsibly dispose of commercial waste.

What is Considered Commercial Waste?

As long as it comes from commercial activity, even if you work from home, it counts as commercial waste. Commercial waste may come from industry, construction, demolition or agricultural projects.

The Four Steps To Managing Commercial Waste

The government guidelines for commercial waste management highlight the four steps of responsibility for businesses disposing of their commercial waste: prevent, reuse, recycle and recover.


Take steps to prevent commercial waste by controlling efficiency and considering your waste exchange. Small steps you can take now include measuring your level of waste, reducing packaging and training your team to be conscious of their contribution to commercial waste.


Storing waste securely and separately will prevent contamination and allow you to reuse the waste products, improving both efficiency and your environmental contribution.


If you can’t reuse your commercial waste, the next best thing is to responsibly recycle it. There is an abundance of different materials that could be recycled, including scrap metals. Check if you may need a waste transfer note and any other official paperwork, especially if you are using a legitimate collection service. Recycling may require a bit more effort, but will greatly reduce your landfill contribution.


Waste recovery is where waste is serving a useful purpose by replacing other materials that would have been needed to fulfil the operation. Different from recycling, which is reprocessed, recovery is an efficient way of utilising waste as a new material for operations.

Craddock Metal Recycling can recycle your commercial scrap metal

As a leading scrap metal recycling company, Craddock Metal Recycling Ltd can offer a collection service and legal scrap metal recycling process for commercial metal waste. We are based in Worcestershire and provide our recycling services to the surrounding areas. If you would like to organise a collection of your scrap metal and reduce your commercial waste contribution, call us today on 01527 66866 or fill in our contact form to get started.