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Where To Find Recyclable Metals In Your Home

With a random assortment of household items laying around just collecting dust, it can be a tricky task to find a way of disposing of them. Instead of hurling them down to the local recycling centre, your out of date items may consist of valuable metals which can rake in a few pennies if scrapped in. Craddock Metal Recycling outline some of the items you can find laying around your home which consists of recyclable metals.

Everyday Items

There are a number of items that the typical homeowner encounters on a day to day basis which contain recyclable metals. For instance, if your old TV has been rendered useless and has been confined to the cupboard under the stairs, it may be worth taking this to your local scrap dealer as the mechanics inside the TV can contain an abundance of copper wiring. The same can be said for a number of household items, such as toasters, old Christmas lights and a variety of other objects.

Car Parts

Old car parts are a goldmine for recyclable metals, especially copper and steel; the metals which often rake in the most cash. Even small parts such as nuts and bolt can be traded in, and if you have a large enough pile, you may receive a decent amount of money in return. If you have a car sitting on your drive which has seen better days, it may be worth scrapping it; take a look at our recent blog which looks at why you should always consider scrapping your car.


Although these objects may be less common than TV’s and toasters, plumbing materials, such as copper pipes and old taps and faucets, are a guaranteed cheque from the scrap metal dealer. If you are having any work done on your bathroom and kitchen and need any parts removed, keep hold of the excess materials and exchange them in with your local scrap dealer to make up the costs of dragging a plumber in.

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