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Why Should We Recycle Metal?

Most of us encounter recycling and its benefits every week with our household recycling, but metal recycling is less commonplace and the reasons why we should do it are less obvious. The benefits of recycling metal run parallel alongside the benefits of general recycling, so Craddock Metal Recycling Limited run you through it in our latest blog post below.


Recycling metal saves a vast amount of energy in comparison to manufacturing metal from ore. This is important for a number of reasons, the main one being the impact the process has on the environment. For reference, recycling aluminium uses 92% less energy, copper uses 90% less, and steel uses 56% less than mining and refining their relative ores. Those numbers mean we can save money on energy and also drastically reduce the impact metal production has on the environment.


Leading directly on from energy, the harmful emissions released into the environment by metal recycling pales in comparison to production from ore. Naturally, by reducing the energy consumption of a process, the emissions are reduced and there is much less of a detriment to the environment in the process.

By reducing the emissions of the metal industry as a whole, it will become less of a contributor to climate change and pollution – especially air pollution in big cities – will be reduced. Using scrap metal generated 97% less mining waste and requires 40% less water than producing ‘new metal’ using virgin ore.


We only have finite resources, and this is important to metal production because both the traditional energy sources used and the ore metals come from are in limited supply.

By recycling metal, we are reducing the strain on the naturally-occurring resources and more efficiently using what we have already acquired and refined. This saves on metal ore – especially when metals such as aluminium and copper can be recycled almost infinitely – but also the production materials, especially energy sources.


On the subject of saving, money is saved by recycling metal. The production costs of recycling metal is lower than extracting and refining them, which means there are benefits for the industry as a whole from a monetary perspective.

As well as saving money, recycling metal creates more jobs than both incinerating metal and putting it into landfill.

Craddock Metal Recycling Limited

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