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Why You Should Always Consider Scrapping Your Car

Despite the extensive list of benefits, the option of scrapping your car when it has finally given up on you is somewhat overlooked. However, when compared to the other, more common methods of getting rid of your vehicle, scrapping your car offers an element of ease and convenience not provided by private buyers or insurance companies. When disaster strikes and you are left with a worthless heap of metal, why should you consider scrapping your car?

As mentioned above, taking your car to a scrap metal dealership will eliminate all the stresses that accompany a private buyer or insurance company. A quick survey of your vehicle and a couple of signatures handing the vehicle over to the dealership will leave you with a pocket free of keys and full of cash. When compared to a car insurance firm and private buyers, the whole process is far more time consuming and can also be accompanied with stress and unwelcome obstacles and hurdles. Scrapping your car is a quicker and stress-free alternative to dealing with bargain hunters and will not affect your insurance packages.

Scrapping your car can also land you a healthy wad of cash. Depending on the condition of your car, and the scrap dealers’ plans for it once you’ve handed it over, you could end up with a nice little bonus. If the car is rendered un-driveable, claiming on your insurance can sometimes cost you money, and the condition of the car isn’t going to attract a private buyer. Scrapping your car, in this case, is by far the most viable and sensible option.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way of disposing of your vehicle, and are looking to pick up some cash in the meantime, bring your car to one of Craddock Metal Recycling’s depots and see one of our advisors. To find out more about all of our services, contact us today on 01527 66866 or use our online form to leave us a message.